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Users of roofing felt base include:

  • roofing material and sealing sheet manufacturers
  • painter’s supplies and floor construction
  • fabricators in interior construction and prefabricated house building
  • fabricators in the sound improvement sector

Roofing felt base, felted woollen board, waterproof cardboard:
three names – one single product

A very warm welcome to the homepage of the Lunzenau paper and cardboard factory. Established in the century before last, we currently manufacture roofing felt base in different grammages with a web width of up to 2.40 m. Roofing felt base is also known by the names felted woollen board, felt-cardboard or waterproof cardboard.

In addition to conventional roofing felt base, special cardboards are produced such as dyed or coated cardboards for instance. Innovations and new types are developed in the in-house laboratory. It is therefore possible to respond flexibly to specific customers’ wishes.

The Lunzenau paper and cardboard factory was founded as early as 1885 by the industrialist Wilhelm Vogel. Until 1992, fibres for manufacture were obtained on three paper machines and in an own wood grinding shop. The company was successfully reprivatised in 1990 and the manufacture of woodchip wallpaper was extended. The paper machines were dismantled and upgraded with state-of-the-art technology.

Production of woodchip wallpaper was discontinued in summer 2006 and the former shareholders abandoned their commitment. New shareholders subsequently joined the company and further extended and/or converted the existing installations for manufacture of roofing felt base.

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