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Users of roofing felt base include:

  • roofing material and sealing sheet manufacturers
  • painter’s supplies and floor construction
  • fabricators in interior construction and prefabricated house building
  • fabricators in the sound improvement sector

Paper and cardboard range and its applications

Paper and cardboard range and its applications

Constantly new innovations and applications for roofing felt bases give us the incentive to develop further types. We have a fully equipped paper laboratory available for development of new varieties. The entire range is produced as large rolls up to 1.20 m in diameter. We manufacture short rolls with different running lengths on our own finishing line. Two different finishing systems are available to us for this purpose. Accordingly, we are able to produce rolls with a 70 mm core and with a 40 mm core and on request, we can also provide the rolls with labels provided by you at no extra charge.

A further finishing line allows us to produce roofing felt base as sizes. Our extensive warehouse stock of large rolls of different grammages and also, however, short rolls in standard lengths enables us to dispatch customers’ orders within the shortest period. The applications are highly versatile.

The roofing felt base is therefore used as:

  • absorbent material for workshop bases
  • masking cardboard for painting and renovation work
  • waterproof cardboard for floor equalisation and
  • footfall sound improvement for parquet and laminate floors
  • a separating layer for floating asphalt and concrete floors
  • a raw material for further processing for tarred widths
  • construction waterproofing and insulation
  • sound improvement in different application areas

Our managing director, Mr. Reichel, would also be pleased to visit you personally on your premises in order to discuss any matters of detail. We hope that we have aroused your interest and would be pleased if you were able to issue us a concrete offer within the foreseeable future.

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