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Users of roofing felt base include:

  • roofing material and sealing sheet manufacturers
  • painter’s supplies and floor construction
  • fabricators in interior construction and prefabricated house building
  • fabricators in the sound improvement sector

cardboard production

Paper and cardboard production with a tradition

The Lunzenau paper and cardboard factory produces roofing felt bases in different grammages with a web width of up to 2.40 m. In addition to the conventional types one metre wide, it is therefore also possible to manufacture other widths according to the customer’s wishes.

Our standard types are:

  • 200g/m²
  • 250g/m²
  • 333g/m²
  • 400g/m²
  • 500g/m²
  • In addition to the standard types, varieties in grammages according to the customer’s wishes are also manufactured.

The entire range is produced as large rolls up to 1.20 m in diameter. Short rolls with different running lengths can be produced using our own finishing systems. Current production therefore covers a spectrum between 200 – 900 g/m².

The conventional roofing felt base is manufactured from 100% recycling material (waste fabrics and wastepaper) without addition of chemical auxiliaries and is 100% recyclable. Untreated roofing felt base remnants from our customers’ processing can be taken back by us.

In addition to the conventional roofing felt base, special cardboards based on roofing felt bases are produced. The range includes:

  • blue or green dyed cardboards,
  • cardboards with flame retardants
  • coated cardboards (e.g. latex-paraffin emulsion)

The chemical auxiliaries for the special cardboards are selected during product development such that no substances hazardous to health are used.


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